Friday, July 31, 2009

I Love You FULL !!

segenap hatiku selalu memujamu
seluruh jiwa ku persembahkan untukmu
sepenuh cintaku merindukan dirimu
seutuh gejolak membakar hatiku

seperti cahaya hadirmu diduniaku
seperti ribuan bintang yang menghujam jantungku

kau membuatku merasakan indahnya
jatuh cinta
indahnya dicintai
saat kau jadi milikku
oh takkan kulepaskan dirimu oh cintaku
teruslah kau bersemi di dalam lubuk hatiku

i love you baby !! sampe tumpah :D

Hey All :)

"Daun terbang karena tiupan Angin atau karena Pohon
tidak memintanya untuk tinggal?"

oh gosh , long lime no blogging .
really miss my blog :(

why i no have mood for blogging ??

first , too much busy for school and paskibraka .
second , many virus in my pc :(
third , many problems ruin my life , huhu

but i'll try to come back , hehe .

Sunday, July 26, 2009


no mood for blogging so much .

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Quotes of the day

"Life's a climb, but the view is great!"

Hannah Montana the Movie

Then ? What ?

Hello there (:
Are you happy today ??

Many days ago ,
I’ve said i wish i could grow more faster and find the way out of this problem .
But now I am free and get out of that shackle .

Like I’ve said before .
I am nothing without him .
When I can’t near with him , it's just like a mask to cover my pain and loneliness that i felt this long .
Perhaps I shown you my smile , but it’s not a pure smile that come from me .

I have no time for blogging this week .
So busy for MOS .
I call it MOS , but i don't know the english word of it :D

I’ve found new friend , my old friend in elementary school , OSIS .
There’s like I have a little of happiness (:
I hope that have continuation .

Gosh ! I am so soooo tired . Need take a rest .
I need my bebs too . I want sleep with him beside me because he always take care of me .
And my feel is sooo comfortable .

Monday, July 13, 2009

Don't Cry Anymore Cindy !!

i found this note in Bang Afnan facebook .
aku di tag . hhe .
rasanya sakit baca ini , entah kenapa .
kok rasanya mirip dengan kehidupan aku ya ? ):

Aku tak pernah mengerti yang terjadi
Mengapa aku selalu menantimu
Walau aku tahu kau takkan mau
Aku yang selalu untukmu mencintaimu
Kau tak pernah berikan kesempatan
Untuk membuktikan isi hatiku

Kau tak akan pernah tahu betapa hancur hatiku
Saat kau peluk dirinya
Aku takkan rela walau kau bukan milikku

Seharusnya kau mengerti
Betapa ku mencintamu
Walau kau tak akan pernah tahu
Kan kusimpan cinta ini selamanya

Aku yang selalu untukmu mencintaimu
Kau tak pernah berikan kesempatan
Untuk membuktikan isi hatiku
Kau tak akan pernah tahu betapa hancur hatiku
Saat kau peluk dirinya
Aku takkan rela walau kau bukan milikku

Seharusnya kau mengerti
Betapa kumencintamu
Walau kau tak akan pernah tahu
Kan kusimpan cinta ini selamanya

Saturday, July 11, 2009

i'll try ! but i can't . :(

Trying to live without your love
Is one long sleepless night
Let me show you boy
That I know wrong from right

Every street you walk on
I leave tear stains on the ground
Following the girl
I didnt even want around

Hello and Happy Sunday all .
Let’s start doing anything with a smile . (:

Okay , as you know or in prev post .
My heart situation or mood is bad .
I’ll try to forget and occupied my self so that I can forget him for a moment .
I am so hurts if I remember occurrence yesterday . )):

Okay , yesterday I get award from my sister .
Ka Edda (:
Thanks for the award I am so appreciate . iloveyou sist .

And now I’ve fight with my lil sist .
But I remain to share her photos .

i hate my self

Don’t hurts me more deeper again please .
Because in my deepest heart , I still love you .

Friday, July 10, 2009

Good Night and I Love My Beloved One :)

Good night all (:

For my bebs ,
Everyday , everytime , everywhere I love you more
I do really love you
Realy really love you

Tomorrow I’ll go to school for get information about MOS in Senior High School .
I hope can wake up early .

And I found this pic yesterday when I am browsing .
Gosh ! so amazing-captivating .
I love BBF

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Quotes of the day

love will come to you at any time and any where without notice .


i wish

Hello there .
Long time I’ve tried for repairing my mood which have been damaged .
Don’t wanna talk more about it , because it will hurts me again .

So , hows your life guys ?
All right or nasty ??

My life is flat tend to nasty .
I’ve many many problems , seen to be don’t want to desist .
Of course I am tired , I am just ordinary girl .
Not Wonder Woman or Cat Woman .
Please for understand that . ):

Today , I am go to school for take my dossiers .
And my yearbook .
I am as one of comitte and manuscript yearbook wait this time since long time of course .
Then , I am think this day is my unlucky day .
Many occurence happened with me today esp in school .
Make me crying in Nia embrace)):
Too much tears fall lately .
I am very wish can insensitive to anything around me .
Hufthhh .

I am reside in saturation point again .
Don’t know why I can be like this .
Very annoying .
Perhaps I am too long within doors , so boring . !

Stop stop stop .
Wanna reading Eclipse .

And as you know , I am back guys .
I am really miss my blog . (:

*my dossiers

*my yearbook

Sunday, July 5, 2009

many things has ruin my mood

And I believe some things are meant to be
As sure as there is love yours is meant for me

Hello all .
Long time no have mood for blogging .
Many problems hurts me so bad .

Okay , yesterday I have hanging out and shopping with my family .
Monthly shopping of course .
Then , on Gramedia happened one occurrence .
My Dad offering , my Mom buy that for me .
It’s really shocking me .
All out that I am so appreciate , thanks mom and dad of course .
LY much much (:

And for people who destroyed my holiday , my days , my life ,
I hate yaa .

This for today , no want write much .
My mood for blogging not returned like initially .
I’ll continue read New Moon .
See ya .

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Good Morning (:

hello friends and foe
let's we start the days with smile

have a nice day all (:

for my bebs : where you go ? leave me alone again ?

The Chop and The boy (:

Yuhuuuu .
After long time no blogging .
Long time ? Likely just one day deh . Haha .

How’s your holiday guys ?
After long time in home for holiday nope , in fact take much a rest , one week again I have to start for school .
Huh , no more sleep till I satisfied , no more online till make me crazy , no more spending the night with my bebs .

Okay , for today I have chop three fingers for my certificate .
In fact sih , I want hangout with my comitte yearbook friends .
But I have cancel that planning .

In my post many days ago , I’ve said my bebs is come back .
I can’t tell details about that , but after my bebs is back .
I’m progressively-more and more tied-depended-can’t near with him .
Gosh ! without him my days is silent , don’t know must to do .
Attitude of him if I angry if I attached with him , makes me love him more and more .

Coincidence I’ve online 24 hours in blackberry of course .
So I can get near with him . I think .

*the chop