Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Jesus eyes is NEVER close !!!
I have realized  that statement .

Karma is really happens !!
the boy is lying me , I just crying and he is get problems .
God never left me :)

bye the way  , I am in really holiday .
I have take my raport at 18th June , and got ranking .
oh God , You are my Lord forever :)

ah , I am tired for living my life .
but I think for my future , I still have a looooong way and journey .

yesterday I was making pan cake , and it's so fun and delicious too:D


Thursday, June 16, 2011


actually , I got nothing to write .
my brain was work so hard . my heard was almost died .
but what can I do ? just live the life right ?

okay I know , no one would ever understand and care.
I don't feel like eating drinking doing anything and BREATHING .
I couldn't fall asleep .

and my hands was hurts .
the colours is blue like my feeling .
poor my body . I love every  parts of my body :(
holiday will be holiSHIT .
umm . nope . I will do many this I like just because I'm SINGLE .
feel don't wanna any boy again :( I'm hurts

Chellepaholic , it is mean that I'm a holic with my own self .

Bestie Partay

hello bloggie . here I am .
I have typing lately but my PC my broken and my post is gone .

but I will type again now .
so, what's happens ?? are you looking at the lunar eclipse yesterday ??

4th June 2011I went to my Sari Renata Manik sweet 17 partay !
and the party was so cool especially the photographer Renhard .

this is the Birthday Girl
*note : she is in Live In now :D

and the other pics

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I'm in

but tomorrow is the lasy day .
wish me luck , fellas .

i'll be back with many stories baby :D