Thursday, June 24, 2010

Aphrodite and Friends

Welcoming my School Holiday with my Aphrodite .
Tommorow will a weeks I have her .

2 days ago I’ve gathering with Korean Addict .
Yeah we spent the day with taking a lot of photos , seeing much video’s of Boy and Girl Band Korea , talk and share about we’re life .
Yeah I miss you all , I miss you .
Perhaps I will share the pics in Random :D

Welcoming my School Holiday with New Hair .
I have cutting my hair into a new look .
Throw away out of luck . Hmm .

And for my babe , I just wanna tell you that I really hate being alone !!
I want you always beside me . I know that we’re in a long distance now .
But that’s not become a problem okay ?!
You can ruin my mood if you leave me alone while the day .

You must know baby , that my love still remains .
And the place I want to be is close to you .

-          R A N D O M - 

babe with me

Aphrodite and her friend 

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Say Hello to BlackBerry , Hello my Aphrodite ;)

Saying hello to my white-onyx
I give a name for her : Aphrodite

2 days ago my dad bought Aphrodite for me .
Oh My God I’m so thankfull to my Jesus .
Thanks God , thanks Dad . I Love You All :)

Then I fill my day with make my Aphrodite usefull .
Like download programs or applications which I require to .

Bye the way , do you know about Aphrodite ?
Aphrodite is Greek Goddesses , Love Goddesses .

Happy Fatrher’s Day Everyone .
Love your dad always.
I'm sorry I'm disappointing you so much .
I may be a teenager, but I'm still your little daddys girl .
You always pick me up when I beg you so at night, thanks dad you're the best .
Dad, I love you. Thanks for giving me everything though I'm such a bad girl .
Thanks dad you gimme everyhing I want and need .

18 June 2010 , is my Willhelm Edward Antoine Birthday .
Happy Birthday baby , I wishing all your dreams come true .
I love you always :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Good Bye My Blackberry :)

Saying good bye to my Blackberry

Yeah today I’m being apart with my Blackberry .
After a year I using Blackberry , the Blackberry become my soulmate .

And today Mia Ayunda come into my house , and we’re talking much about life’s problem .
And now , I’m really TIRED !!!
Need take a rest but I must wake up at 12.00 p.m .
                                                    I wish I can ! Please God help me .

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Life is Sweet . Huh ?

Please ! Think about other’s feeling .
Don’t ever assume if I is a girl who doesn’t have feelings !!
Sorry to be rude , but you’ve been spending too long to live with other people’s view .

But , I can’t do nothing .
So i think better to forget it .
 Keep your SMILE :) :) :)
Life is sweet in fact , don't destroy the meaning .

Monday, June 14, 2010

Missing That Time :')

I’m still innovate my blog ,
Perhaps I can do a little things that make my blog more good .

So , how your day fellas ??
I hope sounds great ;)

My days is flat . So boring .
My boy is busy with his activity .
He makes me miss him more , more and more .
But tomorrow I will watch him playing soccer :D
Ah , I missing that time .

Fellas , do you ever know that I’m always love white roses ?
Yes ! I’m really love white rose .
My feeling is so comfort when I see them :)

I'm Envy You , Suri :*

I wish my baby be like her .

So CUTE !!!

Do you know that Suri ,
I’m so envy you , but really I can’t hate you .

Sunday, June 13, 2010

I'm Back with New Look ;)

H E L L O , how are you world ??
I’m back after hiatus for a month
With a new look :D

I have no idea why lately I couldn’t make myself blogging daily like what I used to in junior high school .
I'm an independent writer. I write whatever i wanna write. I'll stop whenever I feel like stopping .
But I think I’m not the only person who update blog rarely in these year :D lols .

I’m so busy for school , but the final exam was over and I become free again .
Welcoming my school – free . Yeyyy .
I don’t have a great school life now . I hate my school life .
I don’t have friend who know me , understand me .
I sometimes pretend to be happy , talking a lot & laughing out loud so that nobody would know what really inside :(
Sad ! Yes of course . But I never let me down .
I still got reason to look up to God  & say thank you .
And I always think that tomorrow is gonna better :)

For tomorrow I have a wonderful planning , I will meeting my Girls !!
Lydia , Sari , and Nia from my junior high school friends .
Oh God I’m miss them so much !!

Bye the way .
I miss my Boy too , Willhelm Edward Antoine Radius .
We have been in relationship for 9 month and 13 days .
I have felt happy , angry , jealous , sad , missing .
I always hope this relationship will be long last forever and ever .
Because I love him more than he know .
My world revolves around him , it’s so hard for me to breathe when he is not in beside me .
Okay some parts of me still think that we’re not supposed to be good at being apart .
So never let me go babe , I love you so much :*

Ugh so tired after make a new look for my blog .
Wanna sleep and prepare for tomorrow .
Can’t wait :)