Saturday, November 26, 2011

Lovable Lullaby


fly into bright blue sky or swim into blue froth waves
uhmm ... 

blue blue blue ..
it's bad feeling right . but it's my Willhelm Edward Antoine Radius favorite colours.
his first motorcycle mio or now satria FU is blue .

bye the way, we still in relationship, we often break apart but never break our soul connection . I don't know why , but I know that I love you mr. Willhelm .
because not everything can be explained in words. when the beliefs in your heart is that strong, it must mean something.

I'm so grateful I have you baby , a man who always protect and caring me . loves me like no one man could be . hug me tightly and makes me feel comfort when I laying at your neck and arm :")

few days ago, I have tried one University, Atma Jaya Jakarta .
he accompany me even he didn't sleep at night . the test day we going to Monas first , HI circle after we arrived he sit beside me teach me some materials give me support . wait for me for 2 hours or more alone in raining day . 


btw, when I'm on the way and seeing many big buildings . I think who can do all of that ?? I feel so small . I'm so freaking annoy that I'm really in big big world .

Mind Maintenance

Hi guys, much much kiss and hug from me
long time no see yaa.

okay, what's up lately ?? I'm so bored about schools, material, sucks friend, bad habit, love problems, examination. oh .....
I do need some vacation but hell yeah I know I should be here face the real life . sometimes it's really hard, no one beside you, you can't turn into someone's arms, feeling so deeply blue. but once more I'm keep growing, I should have Mind Maintenance .

anyway you all shouldn't judge me by my look, what I have, what I tweet, what I wear. you don't know me at all guys. know me first then you will know who I am. I can love my friend so much and get sick of them!
judgmental people live in hypocrite life with hypocrite faces. so funny if you get angry with me just because you don't know me the best . like sick people whose lives aren't interesting till you are so busy taking care of other's lives

Friday, November 18, 2011

Softly Blush

have quick photo session 
thanks to WELLY RADIUS , for being my best photographer ever !!

Monday, November 14, 2011


when I'm doing my assg, I found that pics is Google and that pics was too awesome . I'm so Proud being Catholic :)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

spirit inside

Good Afternoon guys. it's been a long time .
and I do miss my blog so much :D

so much things that happens . ugh .
lately my problems is SLEEP!!! yes sleep because every time I wanna sleep so much . at class when want study at home or at course . what shud' I do then :((

for 5 days I'm in holiday, my junior went to Jogya .
and my assg is like mountain .
spirit spirit , just do the best :)

- R . A . N . D  . M -

Brownies Amanda, my fav cake too 

my artwork :D