Saturday, November 26, 2011

Lovable Lullaby


fly into bright blue sky or swim into blue froth waves
uhmm ... 

blue blue blue ..
it's bad feeling right . but it's my Willhelm Edward Antoine Radius favorite colours.
his first motorcycle mio or now satria FU is blue .

bye the way, we still in relationship, we often break apart but never break our soul connection . I don't know why , but I know that I love you mr. Willhelm .
because not everything can be explained in words. when the beliefs in your heart is that strong, it must mean something.

I'm so grateful I have you baby , a man who always protect and caring me . loves me like no one man could be . hug me tightly and makes me feel comfort when I laying at your neck and arm :")

few days ago, I have tried one University, Atma Jaya Jakarta .
he accompany me even he didn't sleep at night . the test day we going to Monas first , HI circle after we arrived he sit beside me teach me some materials give me support . wait for me for 2 hours or more alone in raining day . 


btw, when I'm on the way and seeing many big buildings . I think who can do all of that ?? I feel so small . I'm so freaking annoy that I'm really in big big world .

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