Saturday, November 26, 2011

Mind Maintenance

Hi guys, much much kiss and hug from me
long time no see yaa.

okay, what's up lately ?? I'm so bored about schools, material, sucks friend, bad habit, love problems, examination. oh .....
I do need some vacation but hell yeah I know I should be here face the real life . sometimes it's really hard, no one beside you, you can't turn into someone's arms, feeling so deeply blue. but once more I'm keep growing, I should have Mind Maintenance .

anyway you all shouldn't judge me by my look, what I have, what I tweet, what I wear. you don't know me at all guys. know me first then you will know who I am. I can love my friend so much and get sick of them!
judgmental people live in hypocrite life with hypocrite faces. so funny if you get angry with me just because you don't know me the best . like sick people whose lives aren't interesting till you are so busy taking care of other's lives

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