Sunday, August 28, 2011

Splendid Lighters

my life is so dark 
I need air , freedom and someone who can give my life Splendid Lighters 

okay , I'm in Ramadhan holiday . not much I can say here , I'm just feeling so upset . Please make me feel comfort for a while ...

two days ago I have gathering with my babes 
and here they are ...

and this is my favorite cookies ever 

Saturday, August 13, 2011

I'm feeling so blue if I like this .
okay my life it's not just about you !!
my family , school even my book is my life too .
but why I cant go away from you ?? :"(

Flown Away

heihooo guys !
watch out I'm here again :D

lately , I'm not in the mood for living my life .
my soul was flown away to the highest sky .
I can't do my assg , homeworks , and anything good .
I am so frustated . but now time for me to wake up and share the shines :)

I went to Botani Square two days for shopping and watching Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows part II , got two heels , yummy foods , excellent dessert , and new glasses !! 
thanks a lot for my God and my parents .

I've got 100 score at accounting and 90 at religion .
hope will be like that always :) 
bless me God .

- R . A . N . D . M -

Ngohiang , special food from Bogor .
and this food it's extremely GREAT !!

The first time watched movie with all my struggle .
too many people that want watch this movie too .

Last Thursday, when I do my group work at school . then waiting for my lil sist .
I have watched Marching Band primary school , so cool . they can be very compact , why we can't Senior High ??

My art , wayang . so ugly yeah .

Saturday, August 6, 2011