Wednesday, March 31, 2010

my Ex , my Love

Long time I no blogging
Because of my own problems till make me sick

Now I’m in school , doing nothing .
So bored in here dude ,
In the middle happiness of my friends ,
I’m here alone , think of my problems and feel my problems hurts me so bad .

Too much problems in my life .
Ugh what should I do now ?? I can’t do nothing anymore .
Okay I must forget him , but how can ??
I’m too in love with him .
God help me , keep me stronger .

ALONE , yeah I’m alone now ,
Queen of Loneliness , yes I am !
Need someone for me , yes of course .
But I can’t force him right ?

Good bye my love , good bye !
I hope you always happy (:

Kamu ada di depan aku .
Ingin rasanya meluk kamu , di peluk kamu kaya dulu .
Cerita cerita , main permainan kita .
Kamu yang mainin rambut aku , kamu yang selalu meluk aku ,
Kenapa ?? kenapa harus kaya gini ?
Aku sayang kamu , aku sayang banget , aku terlalu sayang kamu
Tapi kan gaboleh kaya gini . gaboleh kan ?
Aku bakal lakuin yang kamu mau kok .
Buat lupain kamu . but I will remembered you , my soulmate .

Thanks ,
Thanks for loving me
Thanks for care with me
Thanks for your hug when I’m sick
Thanks for your kiss when I’m scared
Thanks for a whole years you make me special

Sorry ,
Sorry I makes you mad
Sorry because I love you too much
Sorry I can’t forget you easily
Sorry if disturb your life

Till my last breathe , I Love You mr. Radius

Sunday, March 21, 2010

I am Sick wanna Die because of ...

I'am sick and I hate this disease !
I'm in holiday but so many assignments and homeworks make me wanna die :(
Feck school !

Hoping I'm get well soon .
See ya all .

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Life , Love and Frienships !

Mid terms is over !
And tomorrow times for takes the score’s , and I’m so afraid for takes them !
Well , the reason :
• 3 lesson in 1 day
• In the middle on mid terms I had my own problems with my boyfriend
• I can’t concentration with my exam
• My feck lazy teacher so seldom come into my class
So how come I can do my 1 weeks full of exam ??
But I promise , I will study hard .
Chemistry , physics , mathematics , biology .
I should be able to !

One day , I want to be able to welcome people to my good life
or find a life that I'm truly passionate about
truth is , even though I'm moderately happy with my life and all that,
I don't think I've lived a good one quite yet. I experience good moments in life every now and then ,
but moments are just moments , no matter how good they are .
maybe I should stop trying to achieve those good moments ,
and aim for a good life instead .

I don't have a picture in my mind of what my good life's gonna feel like ,
that's theirs version of a good life , not mine .
I mean , what good is it to live a life that's not fully yours ?

"life, he realized, was much like a song. in the beginning there is a mystery, in the end there is a confirmation, but it's in the middle where all the emotions reside to make the whole thing worthwhile."
nicholas sparks

Everytime I heard news about someone's death , I almost always ended up sitting quietly on my bed , thinking about what it'd be like when the time comes to face mine .
And maybe if I hadn't write this today , it wouldn't have turned out this way .
But anyway , if I were to die tomorrow ,
I'm glad I was born without insuffiency anythings .
I'm glad I was able to taste more than many feelings .
I'm glad I went to beach , mountain , forest and the other place .
I glad there's Blackberry Messenger and Windows Live .
I'm glad I have my Blackberry and my N93i .
I’m glad I meeting the boy , Willhelm Edward !
If I were to die tomorrow,
I'm glad I took the chance to do all the things I have done.
Life , after all , is about guts and having fun while you're living it ,
Wear that towering platforms even though you know they hurt .
Go out in that quirky headpiece . Splurge on that bag you've been coveting .
Take the chance.
Follow your heart.
After all, we only live once.

Bye the way 2 weeks no blogging makes me missing my blog so much !
Latter I’ve become a Korean addict with my Korean Freak !
Korean Freak member : @queenabella (Me) , @MrsLydiaLee (LydiaLee) , @nathanikhunn (Nia) , @sarirenatamanik (Sari)
We are school at different school now , but sometimes we provide time for gathering .
We have a photoshoots , wanna share the photos in Random guys ! x)

Monday , I’m pass the time with Priscilla and Shanty Lana in Cilla’s house .
Tuesday , I’m pass the time with Mia Ayunda and Shanty Lana in rice fields .
Wednesday , I’m passing the times with Juniesther , Hogla Deborah , Mia Ayunda , Shanty Lana in Cilla’s house .
And of course we’ve take much pics in my Netbook . Share them in Random !

this is R A N D O M

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

books and books :D

more and more book in my bed .
yeayyy i love i love :D