Saturday, July 31, 2010

Happy Friendship Day

Terima kasih sahabat , kalian yang selalu ada di saat aku butuh .
Jatuh , sakit , sedih .
Terima kasih sahabat , kalian yang memberi aku ketenangan .
Pelukan saat aku menangis , berlari ketika aku sakit , dan pengorbanan .
Terima kasih sahabat , kalian memperhatikan aku .
Sehingga aku tidak merasa kesepian dan sendirian .
Terima kasih sahabat , atas semua yang telah kalian berikan kepadaku .

Aku sayang kalian , sangat teramat sayang .

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Gue Suka ! Sayang ! Cinta !

Perbedaan antara suka , sayang , dan cinta !

Suka adalah saat kamu ingin memiliki seseorang .
Sayang adalah saat kamu ingin membahagiakan orang itu .
Dan cinta adalah saat kamu akan berkorban untuk orang itu .

Saat kamu bersedih dan menangis maka seseorang yg “menyukaimu” akan berkata ’sudahlah jgn menangis lg’
tp seseorang yg ‘menyayangi’ akan diam dan ikut menangis bersamamu  .

Dan seseorang yg ‘mencintaimu’ akan membiarkanmu menangis dan menunggumu hingga tenang lalu berkata ‘mari kita selesaikan ini bersama’
saat seseorang yg menyukaimu berada disampingmu maka dia akan bertanya ‘bolehkah aku menciummu?’

tp seseorang yg menyayangimua maka dia akan berkata ‘biarkan aku memelukmu’
dan seseorang yg mencintaimu takkan berbicara..dia hanya akan selalu memegang erat tanganmu seakan dia takkan mau membiarkanmu terjatuh .

Saat kamu menyukai seseorang dan seseorang itu menyakitimu maka kamu akan marah dan takkan mau lg berbicara dengannya

Tp jika kamu menyayangi seseorang dan seseorang itu menyakitimu maka kamu akan menangis karenanya

Dan jika kamu mencintai seseorang dan seseorang itu menyakitimu maka kamu akan tersenyum walau itu pahit dan berkata ‘dia hanya belum tahu apa yg dia lakukan’

suka hanyalah keegoisan diri sendiri .
Sayang adalah memberi dan menerima .
Dan cinta adalah rela berkorban .

Suka hanya akan berbuat jika itu menyenangkan .
Sayang berbuat karena ingin selalu ada untuknya .
Dan cinta berbuat karena tak ingin membuatnya terluka tak peduli bgaimana keadaan kita .

it's funny , my Dead Memories

it's funny how we always have our own imagination of our future, but the paths were just broken into pieces. there's only a path left, and we ain't have choice. sometimes, when the dreams just couldn't fade away, like we've drawn it to our mind and our hearts, it's just simply no place left for the reality. we're walking on that path while still hoping that it's still a path to our dream future, yet it's just blur on forward because the path is longer. and it's funny i kept typing 'we', because i'm wishing i am not the only one that feel this feeling.

it's funny how you could never ever feel the same feeling to the only exception. it's so funny i kept typing like everything above are funny when they're absolutely not funny at all.

and it's fair to have a dream, and keep believing that this is the path to our dream as well, just need to be patient.

-          R A N D O M -

* Korean Freak Gath

* Red Nostrum , Khunnie , Persephone , Aphrodite , Mare Nostrum , Xerxes . 

and the Dead Memories 

Happy Birthday Dad :)

24 July 2010
Happy Birthday Dad ! ILOVEYOU 

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I'm sad because of you !

Hi , fellas
How’s life ?

It’s been a while since I shared about my life , don’t you think ? All I can say is that BIG changes are turning up in my life , and I’m more than SAD .

I have started to school . But I no have any excited for school .
Hiks .
I must TRY . Keep struggle !! *talktomyself*

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I Heart You , Boy :)

Yesterday = Monday , 5 July 2010
Is my Anniversary with Welly Radius .
We have been in relationship 10 months .

Happy Anniversary baby .
I hope we always together , in the happiness or sadness .
I love you till die :*

And I’ve told you before right guys that I watching Eclipse with my boy .
Oh I am so miss him !! Wanna hug him so much !!
I hope I can watching Breakin Down with him  :D

Books that I  read now 

Monday, July 5, 2010

Alone + Alone = Me

Hello Fellas .
How is everyone's 4th of July going ?

There's a reason why I delayed blogging .
I don’t have much time .
Why ? Because from Wednesday till yesterday , I spending my time with my Welly Radius .

So , better if I mix all the occurance which have been I experienced .
Me with Welly Radius hanging out together and watching Eclipse ! Then I’ve visited his house .
I have finished my problems with Mia Ayunda :D :D
I meet Febri Rosa too when I meet my boy .
But this week I not go to Church :(

Relationship ends when you break your commitments . Friendship ends when you stop trusting each other .
I feel in this holiday so much much problems between us babe .
I don’t know what you thinking about , you just showed straight face if you angry with me .
You know that I’m not a mind reader , so please tell me what you think and what you feel .
Perhaps I can help you or understand you , but don’t ever changing me !
I love you , I love you so much Welly Radius !
But I can be perfect as you want .
If you want a perfect girl , please go and buy barbie .

Sometimes it’s better to be alone . No one can hurt me that way .
But I really scare fear alone , I hate alone !!
I can stay for few days . But after that .....
There is nothing I can do .
I’m here and you’re there miles away , no matter , you always in my heart .