Sunday, July 25, 2010

it's funny , my Dead Memories

it's funny how we always have our own imagination of our future, but the paths were just broken into pieces. there's only a path left, and we ain't have choice. sometimes, when the dreams just couldn't fade away, like we've drawn it to our mind and our hearts, it's just simply no place left for the reality. we're walking on that path while still hoping that it's still a path to our dream future, yet it's just blur on forward because the path is longer. and it's funny i kept typing 'we', because i'm wishing i am not the only one that feel this feeling.

it's funny how you could never ever feel the same feeling to the only exception. it's so funny i kept typing like everything above are funny when they're absolutely not funny at all.

and it's fair to have a dream, and keep believing that this is the path to our dream as well, just need to be patient.

-          R A N D O M -

* Korean Freak Gath

* Red Nostrum , Khunnie , Persephone , Aphrodite , Mare Nostrum , Xerxes . 

and the Dead Memories 

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