Saturday, February 27, 2010

I Miss You Babe , and I Miss You My Blog (:

Jarak tidak pernah memisahkan dua hati yang saling peduli. Dan kapanpun aku mulai merasa sedih karena merindukanmu, aku mengingatkan diriku sendiri betapa beruntungnya diriku memiliki seseorang yang sangat istimewa untuk dirindukan

i miss you babe ! really miss you .
no meeting you in 3 days makes me really want to meet you !
tommorow we must meeting-up darls .

ehm .
and i miss my blog too , my blog is my life (:
but i'm in sick now .
later i will blogging again .

see ya guys , ILY !

Quotes of the day

"Beauty is not in the face, beauty is a light in the heart."
~ Kahlil Gibran

Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Lovely & My BFF Ever After !

home work , assignments , exams
huh to much ! makes me busy and so tired
feck school !

okay then so far i haven't any problems with my baby
i love him more more and more :*

and guys Sari Renata Manik in facebook said :
*Annabella (karna too many org yg namanya cindy, ada brapa milyar, sih?piss), lu terkenal di dunia maya jadi banyak relasi buat ke tempat lainnya, lu gila-jago-amat ngedit fotonya, trus menurut gue, your blog is pretty cool :)

ah i'm so happy to hear that , thanks SARI ! my BFF ever after .

Saturday, February 13, 2010

from China with Love

hello guys
today i would like to say

Happy Valentine
may you have bunches of love this year


Happy Chinesse New Tiger Year 2561
Xin Nian Kuai Le , Shen Ti Jian Kang , Long Ma Jing Shen , Wan Shi Ru Yi

yesterday the party is begin
aw so many foods drinks and my big big fams
then today i must going to they house for Angpao :D xixi


*CNY guys !

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I am back with my own stories :)

I never felt like this before
Between us there is something more
You gave me love that's true
I know now my heart beats for you
I feel you in the wind
The rain and the sun
And all my burdens gone
I won't let you go
Never let you go

Long time no blogging make me really want to do it , dude !
So now I’m doing it (:
I am so sorry for the long time I don’t innovate my blog .

First perhaps I must greeting you all :D
HELLO guys , how are you ? Fine I hope .
Honestly I’m so miss the times when I’m can have free time like this .
I’m so busy for my own problems and school .

Bye the way two days ago I’ve attending friends gath .
With Erlangga which return back to Indonesia three days ago .
First I don’t believe at all , how come he can being in Indonesia without told me before .
But he’s real in here so Me , Loki , Boli came to Lydia’s house to meeting him .
And of course we had photo session :D I will put in Random guys .
Erlangga is my old friend from Junior High School , move to Brunei .
We had a long conversation after two years don’t meet .
Now he’s have return to Brunei . Dunno when we can have a friends gath like that again .

7 February 10, 2010 is Inggrita Imanueline Cortez Bornday so we give her a surprise .
More is precisely referred –ngerjain- lols
She is one of my Best Friend I ever had , she is smart , kind , friendliness .
And thing which I can’t left is take much photo .

someone might come into your life and love you the way you’ve always wanted
if your SOMEDAY was YESTERDAY learn
if your SOMEDAY is TOMORROW hope
if your SOMEDAY is TODAY cherish

Okay I know for face the life is must with my own brain , but when I am with my boy I feel like no have brain .
Huh why I am so in love with you babe ??
I know I’m in love with you when I feel jealous when you with another girls .
I know I’m in love with you when you caring me like your girl .
I know I’m in love with you when I started nervous if you beside me .
I just found my SOMEDAY and it’s you darls :*
My Willhelm Edward

I thought I knew what I want out of life,
But I somehow keep on wanting more and achieving less.
It's a hunger for passion,
And it's unlike any other.
And there is this fear to just keep on going like this
And get lost at some point.
They say we should live like we're dying,
So why do I feel like I'm taking every second of my life for granted?
They say we should love as if we're going to live forever,
So why do I feel like I always take so much yet only give back a little?

You know what,
Just don't mind a spoiled five teen year old's disturbed thoughts.

"i am the person i know best.”
frida kahlo

- R A N D O M -

*friend's gath

*the place

*Inkgreat Birthday