Monday, July 5, 2010

Alone + Alone = Me

Hello Fellas .
How is everyone's 4th of July going ?

There's a reason why I delayed blogging .
I don’t have much time .
Why ? Because from Wednesday till yesterday , I spending my time with my Welly Radius .

So , better if I mix all the occurance which have been I experienced .
Me with Welly Radius hanging out together and watching Eclipse ! Then I’ve visited his house .
I have finished my problems with Mia Ayunda :D :D
I meet Febri Rosa too when I meet my boy .
But this week I not go to Church :(

Relationship ends when you break your commitments . Friendship ends when you stop trusting each other .
I feel in this holiday so much much problems between us babe .
I don’t know what you thinking about , you just showed straight face if you angry with me .
You know that I’m not a mind reader , so please tell me what you think and what you feel .
Perhaps I can help you or understand you , but don’t ever changing me !
I love you , I love you so much Welly Radius !
But I can be perfect as you want .
If you want a perfect girl , please go and buy barbie .

Sometimes it’s better to be alone . No one can hurt me that way .
But I really scare fear alone , I hate alone !!
I can stay for few days . But after that .....
There is nothing I can do .
I’m here and you’re there miles away , no matter , you always in my heart .


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