Thursday, June 24, 2010

Aphrodite and Friends

Welcoming my School Holiday with my Aphrodite .
Tommorow will a weeks I have her .

2 days ago I’ve gathering with Korean Addict .
Yeah we spent the day with taking a lot of photos , seeing much video’s of Boy and Girl Band Korea , talk and share about we’re life .
Yeah I miss you all , I miss you .
Perhaps I will share the pics in Random :D

Welcoming my School Holiday with New Hair .
I have cutting my hair into a new look .
Throw away out of luck . Hmm .

And for my babe , I just wanna tell you that I really hate being alone !!
I want you always beside me . I know that we’re in a long distance now .
But that’s not become a problem okay ?!
You can ruin my mood if you leave me alone while the day .

You must know baby , that my love still remains .
And the place I want to be is close to you .

-          R A N D O M - 

babe with me

Aphrodite and her friend 

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