Saturday, June 19, 2010

Say Hello to BlackBerry , Hello my Aphrodite ;)

Saying hello to my white-onyx
I give a name for her : Aphrodite

2 days ago my dad bought Aphrodite for me .
Oh My God I’m so thankfull to my Jesus .
Thanks God , thanks Dad . I Love You All :)

Then I fill my day with make my Aphrodite usefull .
Like download programs or applications which I require to .

Bye the way , do you know about Aphrodite ?
Aphrodite is Greek Goddesses , Love Goddesses .

Happy Fatrher’s Day Everyone .
Love your dad always.
I'm sorry I'm disappointing you so much .
I may be a teenager, but I'm still your little daddys girl .
You always pick me up when I beg you so at night, thanks dad you're the best .
Dad, I love you. Thanks for giving me everything though I'm such a bad girl .
Thanks dad you gimme everyhing I want and need .

18 June 2010 , is my Willhelm Edward Antoine Birthday .
Happy Birthday baby , I wishing all your dreams come true .
I love you always :)

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