Wednesday, March 31, 2010

my Ex , my Love

Long time I no blogging
Because of my own problems till make me sick

Now I’m in school , doing nothing .
So bored in here dude ,
In the middle happiness of my friends ,
I’m here alone , think of my problems and feel my problems hurts me so bad .

Too much problems in my life .
Ugh what should I do now ?? I can’t do nothing anymore .
Okay I must forget him , but how can ??
I’m too in love with him .
God help me , keep me stronger .

ALONE , yeah I’m alone now ,
Queen of Loneliness , yes I am !
Need someone for me , yes of course .
But I can’t force him right ?

Good bye my love , good bye !
I hope you always happy (:

Kamu ada di depan aku .
Ingin rasanya meluk kamu , di peluk kamu kaya dulu .
Cerita cerita , main permainan kita .
Kamu yang mainin rambut aku , kamu yang selalu meluk aku ,
Kenapa ?? kenapa harus kaya gini ?
Aku sayang kamu , aku sayang banget , aku terlalu sayang kamu
Tapi kan gaboleh kaya gini . gaboleh kan ?
Aku bakal lakuin yang kamu mau kok .
Buat lupain kamu . but I will remembered you , my soulmate .

Thanks ,
Thanks for loving me
Thanks for care with me
Thanks for your hug when I’m sick
Thanks for your kiss when I’m scared
Thanks for a whole years you make me special

Sorry ,
Sorry I makes you mad
Sorry because I love you too much
Sorry I can’t forget you easily
Sorry if disturb your life

Till my last breathe , I Love You mr. Radius

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