Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Then ? What ?

Hello there (:
Are you happy today ??

Many days ago ,
I’ve said i wish i could grow more faster and find the way out of this problem .
But now I am free and get out of that shackle .

Like I’ve said before .
I am nothing without him .
When I can’t near with him , it's just like a mask to cover my pain and loneliness that i felt this long .
Perhaps I shown you my smile , but it’s not a pure smile that come from me .

I have no time for blogging this week .
So busy for MOS .
I call it MOS , but i don't know the english word of it :D

I’ve found new friend , my old friend in elementary school , OSIS .
There’s like I have a little of happiness (:
I hope that have continuation .

Gosh ! I am so soooo tired . Need take a rest .
I need my bebs too . I want sleep with him beside me because he always take care of me .
And my feel is sooo comfortable .

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