Thursday, July 9, 2009

i wish

Hello there .
Long time I’ve tried for repairing my mood which have been damaged .
Don’t wanna talk more about it , because it will hurts me again .

So , hows your life guys ?
All right or nasty ??

My life is flat tend to nasty .
I’ve many many problems , seen to be don’t want to desist .
Of course I am tired , I am just ordinary girl .
Not Wonder Woman or Cat Woman .
Please for understand that . ):

Today , I am go to school for take my dossiers .
And my yearbook .
I am as one of comitte and manuscript yearbook wait this time since long time of course .
Then , I am think this day is my unlucky day .
Many occurence happened with me today esp in school .
Make me crying in Nia embrace)):
Too much tears fall lately .
I am very wish can insensitive to anything around me .
Hufthhh .

I am reside in saturation point again .
Don’t know why I can be like this .
Very annoying .
Perhaps I am too long within doors , so boring . !

Stop stop stop .
Wanna reading Eclipse .

And as you know , I am back guys .
I am really miss my blog . (:

*my dossiers

*my yearbook

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