Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Chop and The boy (:

Yuhuuuu .
After long time no blogging .
Long time ? Likely just one day deh . Haha .

How’s your holiday guys ?
After long time in home for holiday nope , in fact take much a rest , one week again I have to start for school .
Huh , no more sleep till I satisfied , no more online till make me crazy , no more spending the night with my bebs .

Okay , for today I have chop three fingers for my certificate .
In fact sih , I want hangout with my comitte yearbook friends .
But I have cancel that planning .

In my post many days ago , I’ve said my bebs is come back .
I can’t tell details about that , but after my bebs is back .
I’m progressively-more and more tied-depended-can’t near with him .
Gosh ! without him my days is silent , don’t know must to do .
Attitude of him if I angry if I attached with him , makes me love him more and more .

Coincidence I’ve online 24 hours in blackberry of course .
So I can get near with him . I think .

*the chop

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