Sunday, November 7, 2010

I'm more than that

Everyone always talk about my style , my activity , my hobby even my daily-studying .
Like those leaves stick with their branches , whenever i'm apart , I'll lose my life and turn into dust .
The wind will blow me away , to a new place where people don't care and look at me with disgust face .
But you know what ? I'm more than that .
I know I could do better , that's when I could resurrect myself , bring my soul back into life .
Be the new bud that will grow into some beautiful plant.

Trends come and go . Time moves forward . The world keeps on developing . Everything changes . What is there to keep , is our identity , our values , our stand .
Never let anything or anyone change who you truly are and what you believe in .
Be yourself . 100% original .

Enormous wave of feeling kept on hitting the cliff of my heart .
Little by little , time by time , it wrecks and gone.
The deeper the pit, the deeper my heart is hurt , but i don't mind , as long as you are with me. Altogether throughout sadness and sickness.

Beby , I feel you in my veins .
Whenever you are , up in the sky or down in the ocean .
I belong to you ,
Willhelm Edward Antoine Radius .

Bye the way , my Boo :)

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