Tuesday, November 2, 2010

my BLOG is BACK !!!

I miss blogging-activity so much .
So here I am . I’m back :)

It’s been long time since the last post .
TOO MANY occurence that happens in my life .
I wanna share it all for sure , but i don’t know how .
Maybe one by one .

My mid terms score is GOOD .
Thank you Jesus Christ for Your help and miracle .
I’m so happy when I see my score and I’ve got rank .
No words can describe how much I thankfull for Jesus .

Then my daily school is like usually .
Study and study , do my assigments paper and homeworks .
I make artwork for Geography about Saving World .
And my teacher said it’s so beautifull . Oh I’m so happy then :)
I will share it .
Yeah I do love studying , but I hate school like hell .
I dunno why I hate school , because in my first year in Senior High I’m very excited for going to school .
Ah too lazy think about it anymore :’(

I’m visited Santika Hotel in Botani Square , I’m stayed there 2 days .
I watching Eat Pray Love in XXI Botani .
Great movie !!

My love-life .
I can’t lie, I love Willhelm Edward Antoine Radius .
I love him too much , too deep .
So if he hurts me , it would hurts me more deep too .

look at us, running around, always rushed, always late. guess that's why they call it the human race. but sometimes, it slows down just enough for all the pieces to fall into place. fate works its magic, and you're connected. every once in a while amid all the randomness, something unexpected happens and it pushes us all forward. and the truth is, what i'm starting to think, what i'm starting to feel, is that maybe the human race isn't a race after all.

Hello beby, I missed you .
How about you then ?? Miss me ??
Yesterday I just saw your notes book , it’s been we’re in X-3 class .
You know beby I miss that time, I miss that memories .
Today I’m angry with you, but you can see how long I can angry with you ??
It’s hard for me to angry with you , because I love you .
Beby , if you know that I love you .
Please don’t hurts me anymore , I’m tired being sick and lonely :’(



while Raden Radius participate Drag in Sentul  

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