Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I Miss You :")


I can’t talk much
I do not know what happened to my own

Don't you know ?
How do I need you so much
How do I cannot breath without you inside of my head
How do I miss you , I want you , I hope that you always there for me when I'm on the edge of the sadness

in every hour , in every minute , in every second , in every time in my life , I always thinking about you .

This only small piece of my thought about you ,
That always "you" in every word that I wrote ,
That always "you" in every sentence that I said ,
How can i show you that I'm really love you ?

I always need you in my life , I want you to be my steps for I take the chance .
I want you to be the one who's always walk beside me whenever I need someone to be my place for go home , and I want you always to be someone who's always protect me from my fear .

Are my hopes so hard for being true ?
I just want you , no one can change your place .
In the deepest part of my heart  , I just want you to know that I can't live without you  .

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