Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Stop Global Warming and My Annoying Bebs . :-*

Love You, Baby I Do
I Never Find Someone Like You
I Love U Yess I Still Do*
Better or Worst I Will Be There
Yes I'll Be There For You

Let me Love you
With all My Heart
You are the One for me
You are the Land and My Soul

If you fall in love with someone, anything is worth doing

Much mood for blogging .
How you passing this day guys ?

Effect dari global warming sudah benar-benar kita rasakan .
Show me an effort you have made to improve the environment around you .
Be inspired, be playful and be smart.

Pic yang di atas .
It’s when me in meeting with comitte yearbooks .
But , never forget to take a pics . Haha . :b

Take a pics is important and must flawless .
Yaa , for me sih .

Hmm , don’t know must write about what .
My bebs bother me ! Annoying .
But I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee . :-*

*more photos ,

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