Monday, June 15, 2009

i can't smile without you , iloveyou :-*

a little get well greeting

with warm thoughts in every line
to hope that in no time at all
you're feeling really fine
get well soon
best wishes for a speedy recovery

Something have ruin my mood today .
I am so sad .
My bebs sick . ):

Sayang , cepet sembuh ya .
You know I can’t smile without you .
I love you . :-*

Hari ini aku kumpul di sekolah .
Buat apa ?? Ampelas meja .
You can imagine that ?
Really , I hate this school !

*this pic taken by Sari (:

Then , when I'm at the class .
I see ugly view , hmm make my hearts sick-damagely .
Ughh , I can’t be like this , now I have someone who love me .
But I can’t lie my ownself . ):

forgive your enemy, but never forget their name .
i won't give a damn to a loser .
I hate them !

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