Wednesday, June 17, 2009

i heart Korea (:

2NE1 single Fire Space Version

2EN1, a korean girl group, consits of 4 members : CL (Lee Chae Rin), Minji (Gong Minji), Bom (Park Bom), and Dara (Sandara Park).

“Fire“ is the first single from Korean female Pop/hip hop group 2NE1. “NE” stands for New Evolution, and the “21″ stands for the 21st century. Therefore, 2NE1 will be the new evolution of the 21st century. You pronounce 2NE1: “To Anyone”

YG said, “2NE1 will be introduced as a female group with always having new challenges with a new form of music. 2NE1 will formally debut in May, and have been preparing for 4 years for good songs and activities this year.”

Artist : 2EN1
Single : Fire
Released Date : June 17 2009

Untouchable mini album Oh

Untouchable (언터쳐블)is a hip hop duo that formed in 2003. They have gain a small but passionate fame in the entertainment world. With on of their songs “It’s Okay” mixes piano melodies with a steady hip hop rhythm featuring Korean’s diva Hwayobi.

Artist : Untouchable
Genre: Hip pop
Title : Oh
Released Date : June 15 2009

01 . Wassup
02 . Oh
03 . 월요병(Feat.화영)
04 . Change The World
05 . My Boo(Feat.전효성,한선화)

4 Minute new single Hot Issue Video Teaser

4 Minute is probably well known as ex-Wonder Girls‘ HyunA group , makes a debut teaser with Hot Issue. A five-member girl group , 4Minute will most probably follow after the concept of After School’s sexy.

Artist : 4 Minute
Single : Hot Issue
Genre: Pop / Dance
Language: Korean
Released Date : June 15 2009

KARA new digital single “Same Heart”

Kara is a South Korean girl band, which is said to be the next Fin K.L. Kara consists of leader Park Kyu Ri, Jung Ni Kol, Hang Sung Yoon, and Kim Sung Hee (known for the theme song of Lee Hyo Ri’s latest SBS drama). Kara debut album is “The First Blooming”.

KARA new digital single “Same Heart”.

Artist: KARA
Single : Same Heart
Release Date: 2009-06-04
Language: Korean
Genre: DANCE

Track List
01. 똑 같은 맘 (Ddok Gateun Man – Same Heart)
01. 똑 같은 맘 (Ddok Gateun Man – Same Heart) (inst.)

Outsider Korea Rapper album “Maestro”

Outsider (아웃사이) may be Korea’s fastest rapper and he may very well be capable of taking the world title one day. Signed with MC Sniper’s Sniper Sound label, he is currently working on new material.
Artist : Outsider
Album : Maestro
Release date: 1 june 2009
Genre: Hip Hop
Language: Korean

Track List :
01. VJ 특공대
02. Zero To Hero
03. City Hunter (Feat. Basick, Carry.D Of Swagger)
04. 청춘고백 (Feat. Joy)
05. 외톨이 (Alone)
06. 피에로의 눈물 (Feat. 무웅 Of 배치기)
07. Therapist (Feat. Illinit)
08. Bleeding Luv (Feat. Kuan A.K.A K-Proud)
09. Skit
10. 불만증 (Feat. 은휼)
11. Luv Business (Feat. Bizniz A.K.A Young Gm, J`kyun)
12. Face Off (Feat. Mc Sniper)
13. Value Of The Man (Feat. Deffinite Of Sunday 2pm)
14. 음악 밖에 없어
15. Speed Racer (Feat. Keikei, Maslo, Csp, Kirbytrap, L.E.O, Illinit, Huckleberry P, Jjk, Diz’one, Deffinite & Jebag Of Sunday 2pm, Lmnop, Marco, Fana, Kyfish, Taktak 36 Of 배치기)

Wheesung new single “Insomnia”

2NE1 single Fire Space Version

Wheesung (최휘성) is a Korean R&B singer. Wheesung began his career in 1999 with the short lived Korean boy band, A4. He left after the band’s first album debut, citing musical differences between himself and the other members of the band.

Artist : Wheesung

Single : Insomnia

Released Date : May 29 2009


01. Insomnia

02. Insomnia(instrumental version)

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