Saturday, April 9, 2011

Mystifying Truth

Fellas & Foe , here I am in the middle of night .
after doing all of my paper and  assg .
sitting alone in front of  pc then start writin g .

okay pretty long time I no updating this blog .
I have so much things to do which can make me freak out .
hey, I am still a human , a  real human who need energy .
assignments paper homeworks examination and problems that I cant solve  .
poor me . 

bye the way . no people in this world who dont have any problems right , so keep silent Cindy! close your svckin mouth up!

somehow I know many man around world waiting  for me .
but just because of my feeling to my bf , I refuse them .
then check what I get , sooooo nothing .
so disappointed , boy I do really love you .
dont ever think that I am weak , I am stronger you know .
I can  make you broken into billion pieces if I want .   and I am Seriously !!!



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