Sunday, March 20, 2011

Timeless Lately

Boo! Hello fellas 
what's going on lately ??

first , me so thankful to Jesus Christ for my Mid-Raport :)
no words can describe how happy I am .
my efforts are not furtile just because of Him :)
thankyou God ..

second , shopping shopping always make me so fun .
bought Baskin , shoes and all stuff that I want  .
washing my eyes and opened my mind .

third , yesterday 2PM was here in Jakarta they comin' by Blackberry .
my bestie Lydia Lee and Nathania have watchin the concert .
kyaaaa~  I'm envy for sure they seeing my Jun2daKay as Junsu :"(

fourth , me more in love with my fiance .
why ? it's simple when I'm in his house I watchin drama korean .
and I ask him to accompany me watchin' that drama , and ....
yes !!! he accompanying me even though he DISLIKE all about Korean .
whoaaa I do love you more deeply my Welly Radius :*

- R . A . N . D . . M -

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