Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Eve is Comingg !!

Hello Peopleeeeeeeeee :) :)
Christmas Eve is coming less than five days !!!
Me starting counting the days of course :D

Dear Santa , can i make make wish list please ??
Would you come and give me the present ??
Ah I hope :)

18 December 2010
Is the day for taking my raport , but because I had a plan with my bestie Lydia Lee so I didn’t take the raport .
And till now , I don’t know abour my score . Will share it when I take the raport .
In that day me with Lydia going to watch The Next Three Days  @ XXI Botani – 09:00 AM , after that eat @ Oenpao , then going to Ekalokasari for watch Narnia .
I’d shopping in there , oh my so fast for me to spending money . Ckck .
In fact I never like action film , but after watching The Next Three Days .. It’s changes  .
The Next Three Days is such a great movies . I don’t have doubt about it :D

20 December 2010
Korean Freak is gathering again .
No plan about this gath but here we are .
Sharing , watch video , listening music .
Just lil activity but mean so BIG for me :)
Then my beby texting me , he is want meet me .
I meet him and HE IS MAKE ME MELTING .
Lols , it is fact !! I don’t know why he can do that .

One faith, one flag, one mission and one love for INDONESIA.. Come on Garudaaaaa...!!! 
-Bambang Pamungkas

And bye the way , now I likes watch Football Match .
Honestly it is because Irfan Haarys Bachdim :D
I never likes watch football match before .
But Indonesia amazed me with GOOD result in every match .

I hope in this holiday ,
I have much story which I can share here .
Long time I not  blogging and it’s just becase Lazy . lols .

- R . A . N . D . O . M

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