Sunday, December 27, 2009


" Youniverse "
because you're full of stars and planets
I've lost in you and I like it
- @twiquotations –

Another lonely day for me .
Imagine myself on a boat. Imagine myself on a ship.
I sail along the sea, watch the sun rises and sets.
See the unlimited horizon and playful waves.
Feel the ocean breeze touching my soft skin, I might feel young and rejuvenated.
Watch the sailors as they dance happily, jumping around with rhythm, lovely laughter and joy shared together.
My life feels blue these days, I want the green touch my heart and make me feel better.

Just stay here with me , just give me a chance
And all that I need is you babe , just you .
You know I was dying when you told me that I'm not yours anymore .
You know I was dying when you told me you're just playing and fooling around with me .

Oh God , I am really no want feel so blue like this .
So come on Cind , keep your spirit on ! Yeaayyy :D
Bored holiday ! Huft .
Just wait garden party at new year night .
Bye the way , 2010 is coming guys .
So many my hopes in 2009 which not to be true .
And I wanna say , thanks guys who makes me smile in this year (:

*note : baby,I wanted to tell you how much you mean to me. I've been loving you since I first met you.You are my prince and my superman . Though I don't always say this to you, I wanted you to know that I love you so much and I can't afford to let you go, I miss you every second of my life .I will always remember how sweet you are and how every time my phone rang and I heard your sweet voice I would smile and I was happy from that point
I want to be with you and hold you. its nice to look at the stars at night with you holding my hands . the times you wiped my tears and being my man when I walk into the rush

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