Thursday, August 13, 2009

Make Me Feel ....

Semua kata rindumu semakin membuatku tak berdaya membuat rasa ingin jumpa
Percayalah padaku , akupun rindu kamu

Many problems ruin my life again .
Gosh ! I hate being like this , I hate everyone who makes me angry , I hate people who lie to me .
I am just want disappear of all this problems .
I can’t like this anymore !
My life like in shackle .

As you know , I hate my new school .
Probably I can smile laugh or pretend like I happy in that school .
But is not ! It’s just my mask .

And my big problem is him .
Everyday always continuous dissenting with me .
It’s hurts me of course , but during the time I am always try to be a patient girl .
Are he can’t see these huh ? He stared disappoint me .

Bye the way are you have same feeling with me ??
Effect Global Warming become progressively .
Soooooooooooo HOT !! in class in home anywhere everywhere .
I am soooooooo suffered .
Go Green !!

Things that I want so much :
-read the newest book of Stephany Meyer
-read Breaking Down pf Stephany Meyer
- equipments for my nails
-get out of my problems
-hang out
-watch Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
-watch New Moon
-cut my hair
-colored my hair

Things that I miss :
-I miss when he send me a sms in the morning
-I miss when he sing a song with a guitar for me
-I miss when he told me –iloveyou- in the midnight with voice which very very slow
-I miss when he taking care of me when I am sleep
-I miss when I laugh with him

I miss everything about him . )):

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