Sunday, March 8, 2009

quick update

Udah lama gak update .
Jadi quick update ajah .

It wasn’t it all equals out . It ended up more equal , on the positive side
Even since I met you . I’ve feel like I’ve live to meet you
Although he has died , he still live in you
I’ll be waiting for you until you come back
Do you know what is the true meaning of happiness ? It is everything that makes our hearts feel warm
Wherever you go . However lonely you get . No matter how hard it is . Don’t forget . I’ll be here , thinking of you . You’re definitely not alone
We we’re all indeed here , we lived here . I come to love him
I loved him , Receiving so many beginnings , and a countless number of feelings , Learning each other strengths & weakness . Yes , indeed . We , we there

Hari selasa aku ada UTS .
So aku mesti belajar nii .
Dan aku mau tidur dulu coz dua hari belom tidur sempurna aku .

1. Aku pengen banget nonton Kambing Jantang – Raditya Dika .
2. Kangend banget sama IAN .
3. Pengen makan Ayam Bakar .
4. Pengen tidur sebanyak banyaknya .
5. Mau bisa maen suling green sleeves .
6. Mau naekin level Pet Society .

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