Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Rebound Story

I'm so missing bloggie so much , because my keyboard space was broken I can't easily writing .
but today I have the new one , ultra -flat keyboard .

so , how about your holiday guys ?
emm . for me is ... holiSHITday :(
I'm just doing nothing at home , watching korean dramas , shopping , playing with bestie , course , go out with boyfriend .
but yeah every I go out I have many many story :)

One weeks to go , I come back to school routine plus two course and many activity for National Examination .
gawd when I am thinking about it I'm successfully depressed .
and again i just have to be patient .

Friday, 31 June I had lunch Korean foods like tokpokki , jeon , gimbab and Japanese food at Takigawa plus Baskin Robbins half gallons for homeey .
wonderfull taste I have got in Takigawa :) sorry for the bad pics , because inside Takigawa is dark .

 today . 5 July 2011 is my 22 months anniversary .
relationship based my own way and his patient .
but , when he leave , I just feel lost .
I do too much in love with him , no offence he hurts me the most , but I dunno why I can forgive him again and again .
for fact , when he broke my heart I just cant stop loving him .
iloveyou so much my babybeeboo . 

 - R . A . N . D . <3 . M -

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