Thursday, July 21, 2011


sorry for the long hiatus ,
now I'm here with everything I have got here .
though I have been in a very down side of my life .

I am in school again , I am XII grade now . too much things that make my brain working hard . about subjects , college . but it's okay , I WILL FIGHTING for my Jesus , parents and everyone who loves me a lot :)

bad news , I'm school with bad healthy :( I'm sick witch make me can't focus at school .
but now it's my healing period . thanks Jesus :)

I should be at Bina Nusantara today with my school now , but because I love my boy and my boy won't come , so I don't come too . I do exciting but after all , he wasn't appreciated me .
it's okay anyway . don't think for unimportant things .

now I do have my own Passion , and I will working hard for it :)

bye the way , in last post I promise for share my Old City photo's right ??
so , here they are ...