Sunday, April 24, 2011


Happy Easter , guys !

how you doing?

i'm living in my own world today, I don't talk much

but I need  to talk to .....
need to Breathe for a while 

so first I having my 10 days holiday
what i'm doing ?? 
play with my boyfie and friends , doing nothing with my boyfie , doing my assg , studying for my exam .

Friday, 15th april
he pick me up then we chillin' out ;) such a great day . when we going home is rain , he is take care of me !! ask me to wearing his helmet using his jacket and he do caring my legs and shoes .  FYI that day I'm not going to school and he do school . 

and when I'm in saloon he picked me up even in Depok was had BIG RAIN !!! and I spent time in his house doing nothing just with him and I am so love it !!

he introduce me into his family as his girlfriend
he  hold my hand everymoment
he always pick me up
he caring me too much
he staring at me and said I'm beautiful with his smile
he take care of me anywhere anytime
he ask me to hug him when we're with his friend

he he and he . the only one ever . 
my WELLY RADIUS  . he belong to me .
and he is MINE ♥♥♥

okay here I share my .....
- R . A . N . D . M -

beby's friends

sipah from aussie

korean snack

cream soup made by mum

my artworks again 

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