Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dulcet Symphony

hello people ,
me back here . 
i'm still sick and i started to hate my self :(

it's funny how we always have our own imagination of our future, but the paths were just broken into pieces. there's only a path left, and we ain't have choice. sometimes, when the dreams just couldn't fade away, like we've drawn it to our mind and our hearts, it's just simply no place left for the reality. we're walking on that path while still hoping that it's still a path to our dream future, yet it's just blur on forward because the path is longer. and it's funny i kept typing 'we', because i'm wishing i am not the only one that feel this feeling.

it's funny how dad and mum used to give us a lot of advices but we simply didn't obey them, and now we wish we would have been. it's funny how you don't know what to do, and how hard you wish God could answer your questions. it's funny how a bestfriend is the one that loved to destroy you.

it's funny when you keep typing your feeling for a million times, but you couldn't say it even for once.

it's funny how you could never ever feel the same feeling to the only exception. it's so funny i kept typing like everything above are funny when they're absolutely not funny at all.

and it's fair to have a dream, and keep believing that this is the path to our dream as well, just need to be patient.

for sure, i'm scared to dreaming about my future.
how it's gonna be ?? 
but overall me still have Jesus :)

when i looked that pictures, i;m think about my love life again and again.
how could it be . why all turn out in this way ??

well, this is like a dulcet symphony that explodes from my heart.
 i was one in love so deep, but this time, i fell in love even deeper.
 this makes me wonder, am i gonna survive if it had to end in someway?
 well, perhaps, nothing much i could do but to try my hardest. 
but i got this big hunch, we'll just last for a long time.

make it happen.
prove it to people that we can be together for most of the time ;)
til death seperate us, perhaps? why not

ok i'm lying if i said that i'm not scared.
i'm scared i break into pieces :(

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