Sunday, February 6, 2011

grows older

24 January was my SWEET SIXTEEN !!!
it's been 16 years i live my life .
 i've got sadness & happiness moments .

thank you Jesus for Your miracle
thank you Father & Mother for save me till now
thank you Welly Radius for the precious moment you've gave to me
thank you sister brother friends bestie and all who have fill my life

3 February is Chinese New Year
this year is Rabbit year .
okay nothing special in this year .
sad sad

5 february is my anniversary with Welly Radius 
we have been in relationship for 17 months
and all over the day i'm love him more and more
beby , i love you for NO REASON !!!
so if you still asking me why i love you , i can't answer your question .

 bye the way , i wanna welcoming Blue Satria-FU
his new motorcycle :)

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