Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Christmas!

Merry Christmas , fellas !!
the bell is ringing 
let's sing to forget the bad things and remember the God's loving .
it is everlasting .

and filled this Christmas with love , peace and joy :)

this month is the last month in 2010 
I wanna say ,
thanks to those who hated me , you made me a stranger person
thanks to those who loved me , you made my heart bigger 
thanks to those who were worried about me , you let me know that you actually cared
thanks to those who left me , you made me realize that nothing last forever
thanks to those who entered my life , you made me who I'm today
Thank You for being there in my life whenever I might have meant to you .
Jesus Christ my Savior ♥
Parents , Sister 
my boyfriend ♥
my bestfriend   

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