Wednesday, January 20, 2010

la la la la happy happy happy :)

Friends and Foe (:
Oh la la I miss you guys so much .

Sorry for being bad blogger .
But I have my own reason .
And now I am back for wrote down what i have do experienced of .

Two days ago I’m just come home from Reat – Reat in Geulis Mountain .
Me , Hogla , Inggrit , Juni , Dina , Ani , Kristin in one room .
Aww we do so many crazy things in the room .
Take much photo’s . playing truth and dare , and like other girls -> gossip .

In the first day Welly told me for using his necklace .
Then now I’m using his necklace (:
Emm like he always beside me happyhappyhappy .
Iloveyou hey babe *kisshug*
Bye the way I really miss him , one day no meeting him :(



-welly's necklace-

-inggrita immanuelin cortez-

-the place-the way-

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