Saturday, December 26, 2009


Our story has 3 parts: a beginning; middle; and an end. And even though this is how most stories unfold, I still can’t believe ours didn’t go on forever.

sorry for being a bad friend, not updating my blog for weeks.
just wish you have a great Christmas guys (:

i always remember every moment when i'm with you , when you told me -iloveyou- , the sentence is still saved in my heart
I love everything about you, except the fact that you're not mine
Silly , Christmas isn’t Christmas without you

I really don’t understand what is happening with you .
Boy I am a normal girls. I have a heart too just like you .
You really tore my heart apart .
Then what should I do ? It’s just doesn’t seem fair ! Why you did this all to me ? WHY ?
Do you know how much it hurts when the one you love just ignoring you all the times ? :(
Okay then if this is what you want me to do , then for the next time I will just ignore you and pretend like you are nothing to me . I am so done with you.
I took a deep breath and let it go

Kini ku hanya ingin lupakan semua , mengenangmu menyesakkan jiwa .
Kan ku hapus air mata , hingga ku dapat sembuhkan luka .

a little words from Taylor Swift:
''When you’re a little girl, you believe in fairytales. And you say you're going to find the Prince Charming and
 he’s going to be everything you want him to be. In fairytales, the bad guy is easy to spot. He’s
 always wearing a black cape. Then you grow up. You find out that Prince Charming isn’t as easy to 
find as you thought. The bad guy, isn’t wearing a 
black cape. He’s really cute and he makes you laugh."

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