Saturday, November 14, 2009

imissyou my blog :)

My friends and my foe (:

I think long time I no post into my blog .
So now , I’ve found my blogging mood .
And now I here to share my occurence .

Ah , too many occurrences happened .
From where I must start ? Lols .

Okay last Friday I’ve to go to Hogla Deborah Esther Rieuwpassa .
With my bebb WellyRadius , Mia , Ayu , Topel , Karno , Abi , Uland , Agung .
So happy , playin with ‘em .
And I meet my baby David Joe Alexander .
He’s Ogla brother but I called him my baby .
After that I go to school accompanies my darls Soccer .

Last Saturday I’m school like usually then Weekend with my class until 09.00 pm .
Of course I’m with my darls always . Hha .

Many occurrences I can’t tell you in here .
Because they are my privacy , even I am really want share with you all .

Emm , Random Pics :P

*Ogla made this graf for me yesterday [thanks a lot bebbbb]

*me with my baby [I wanna have my own baby and this my baby hha]

*me with my darls [iloveyouso:*]

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