Monday, October 5, 2009

thanks for everythings Willhelm Edward

05 September 2009
And today is my first month anniversary with my beloved Willhelm Edward

I’m loving you too much , and I am so sorry if I can’t stop loving you .
More than you can imagine , more than you see , I love you .

Tell me where do I find , someone like you bebb ?
Someone who always caring , protect , and loves me like you do to me .
No one , just you darls :)

Sometimes in my whole life ,
I meet a special person ,
And it’s you Willhelm Edward
Sometimes in the chatter of class ,
The only sound I can hear ,
Is only a voice ,
And its yours , my beby Willhelm Edward .

He knows my fav , he give me 24 chocolates in this morning .

Thank you beby , loveyou :*

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