Wednesday, October 21, 2009

imissyou my blog :)

Pilihan – pilihan kecil berarti perubahan – perubahan kecil .
Tapi hanya dengan perubahan – perubahan yang begitu kecil , hingga tak seorang pun menyadarinya , kita bisa berharap untuk melakukan transformasi .

Okay , hello guys .
Hows your life ?
I am so sorry , few days no posting anythings .
Emm , no have mood for blogging .

Then now , I am back .
I am so miss my blog , oh my .

Whats your routine ?
I am just reading Breaking Dawn (and I’ve finishing the book in the morning) , sleeping and BB-ing .
Because I’m still sick :(

I am broke up with my boyfriends .
And it’s so hurting me .
Huhh , I’m still love him .

So what should I do now ?
Bermuram durja ? merana ?
I am so tired for doing that at all *sigh*

Last Monday , I’ve going to San Diego Hills .
The only one lovely cemetery in Indonesia .
Haahh , so cool .

-random pics-

*telaga permai

*San Diego Hills

*my shadow

*my lil sist

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