Wednesday, October 21, 2009


"cause today, you walked out of my life
cause today, your words felt like a knife
I'm not living this life

stay with me, or watch me bleed
I need you just to breathe"

"tonight will be the night
that I will fall for you, over again
don't make me change my mind
or I won't live to see another day, I swear it's true
because a boys like you is impossible to find
you're impossible to find"

"and I was crying alone tonight
and I was wasting all of my life just thinking of you
so just come back, we'll make it better
so just come back, I'll make it better than it ever was
I'll make it better than it ever was"

"you are an angel
making all my dreams come true tonight

your beauty seems so far away
I'd have to write a thousand song make you
comprehend how beautiful you are
I know that I can't make you stay
but I would give my final breath to make you
understand how beautiful you are"

"I was born to tell you I love you
and I am torn to do what I have to, to make you mine
stay with me tonight"

"my eyes are screaming for the sight of you
And at night, I’m dreaming of all the things that we’ve been through

Slow way down,
This breakdown’s eating me alive.
And I’m tired, this fire's fighting to survive"

"I’m finally waking up, a twist in my story
It’s time I open up, and let your love right through me
cause that’s what you get
When you see your life through someone else’s eyes
That’s what you get, that’s what you get"

WHY ::
"Why do you do this to me?
Why do you do this so easily?
You make it hard to smile because
You make it hard to breathe
Why do you do this to me?"

"If you leave me tonight, I'll wake up alone,
don't tell me I will make it on my own,
don't leave me tonight,
this heart of stone will sink till it dies
if you leave me tonight"

"So please, let me be free from you.
please, let me be free
I can face the truth

It's hard to be all alone
I never got through your disguise
I guess I'll just go, and face all my fears

Put down your world
Just for one night
Pick me up girl"

"I’m alive but I’m losing all my drive
Cause everything we’ve been through
And everything about you
Seems to be a lie
A guiltless twisted lie
It made me learn to hate you
Or hate myself for letting it pass by

And every, everything isn’t only what it seems
so hold these , words that you never told me
It's time to say goodbye
It's time to say goodbye
It's time to say goodbye

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