Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Like Usually ..

Love Will Keep Us Alive

As you know in my pref post , yesterday I was hanging out and spent much time for doing crazy-fool-embarrassing things .
Malu ? Ya iya pasti , lanjut aja dah .
Kapan lagi bisa seneng seneng . Hahah .

But we’re hanging out without spent money even just a little .
We’re going to field , looking around in my environment , edit photographs in my house and of course take much much photos , telling many stories about us , and many more .
Happyyyyyyyyy (: I miss her .

And today I am just in home like usually .
Nothing to do , just take a rest .
Gosh ! almost oblivion , make a background for my twitter edit photographs and upload photos to Ocha’s facebook .

I miss my bebs , since many times he was told me want go to my house just for give me a big hug . lol .
Iloveyou beby :)

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