Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Days of the Days

I know I suck sometimes ,
But hey I’m not perfect
Love me for who I am please

Hello there , my friends and foe :)
Sorry , baru update lagi .
So lazy no have mood at all .

Many occurrence has happened with me .
Hufthhh , makes me happy crazy scared confused etc*.
Weird huh ? lol .

Yeah , as you know in my pref post I’ve said about my boring school time .
But now , udah gak sama lagi !
Something has give me a spirit and cheer up of me anytimes in class .
Gosh !! I’m so happyyy .

I don’t know why .
But almost everyday I was go home late .
Nongkrong di sekolah aku sampai nongkrong di sekolah orang atau di warung lah , play in my friend’s house and etc* .
Ckck .
But I loves my situation now . Likes I’m free .

The weirdest things that I have is , when I am wake up with something missing feeling .
And when I’m sleep , I can’t sleep well . Don’t know why .
It’s makes me tired .

I want hanging out with my friend’s to Dufan .
But I know too , I never can’t go out .
And I want Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream so much !!

Ah , I want desire my homeworks .
See yaa . (:

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