Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sooo Sleepy :(

Do you know simpati advertisement ?
Simpati love stories .
Oh my , I’m like being crazy if I see that advertisement turned around.
Why ? Because I think , that advertisement very-really sweet .
Such a great advertisement, i cried almost everytime i repeated it :(

The last advertisement serial is my favorite.
Hufthh . The boy is just too romantic to be true .

Today I am with my BFF – Febri Rosa Damayanti Manalu like I tell you in prev post .
We had watch movie together , tell many stories , edit photograps , take a much photos , etc*
Ughh I miss her , no one like her in my new school .

And I don’t know why , I am so quickly tired .
Sleepy all the times . ):
I must need much take a rest .

*comitte year books , miss you all ):

*we are X-3 :) SHS

*with my BBF ( aku yang ngedit , maaf jelek :D )

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