Sunday, August 9, 2009

My Days and My Lovely Techer :)

I wanna tell you about my favourite teacher in my school .
As you know . I am very very doesn’t like reside in there , in school .
Because of them the only one can make me like stay in school .

1. Laoshi Rudi

He is my sport teacher , but he also teach Mandarin .
So me and my friend calling he laoshi .
He is Chinesse , white skin , tall , and very a good teacher .

2. Mr. Deddy

He is my PLH and Indonesian teacher .
He is great teacher for me .
I love him full :D

*I can’t get he’s photo :( .

Okay then , this day I am holiday .
Just one day sih . :D
But it’s enough , I hope .

Tomorrow I have Biology exam .
And until now , I doesn’t have learn for this exam . Haha .
My planning I want learn Biology in this afternoon .

Stop in here I think .
Want take a bath , browsing , learn for tomorrow .
Have a great day everyone , Good Morning . (:


Ragil Il Hombre said...

what a nice blog!

salam kenal ya!

xd anNcheLL said...

thanks . :)

lam kenal juga .