Thursday, August 6, 2009

love love love

hey guys !
do you have a great days ?
i hope you have . :)

then , in this day in my school .
very very flat soooo boring .
nobody can accept me as the real me .

but one thing which make impression for me is i meet my friend Febri Rosa Damayanti Manalu .
i'm sooooo miss her !! long time no see her because school . huh .
saturday we will take -ijazah- so we're can play togetherr . yeahhhh .
and sunday i've inviting her to my house , she accepted !

oh , one more i think .
my big brother aa Ezha OrangBego will come to my town .
well emang bukan saudara kandung sih tapi udah aku anggap saudara kandung .
sayanggggg bangetttt !

* my lovely pets :)

* with my BestFriendForever , Ocha :)

my love for you is not just a while

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