Saturday, June 13, 2009

The SMS and The Drama

We can walk without shoes
We can eat without rice
We can sleep without pillow
We can study without teachers
And there said , we can smile without lips , because heart talks

We can do so many things without the tools we should use

But I belive , even I have the footprints eraser
I still can’t delete your footprints from my heart
That’s why I call you true FRIEND

Thanks for accompanied me
Graduation won’t end our friendship
But will start our adventure

This is sms from Sari for me .
And I really appreciate . Thanks sist . (:

Bye the way , di postingan sebelumnya .
I say now I addict with Korean Film .
Boys Before Flower .
Really good for you watch . Many lessons which we can take from the drama .

To do :

*wait the result of my National Test
*finish yearbooks with my friends
*back up my data in blackberry

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