Tuesday, June 2, 2009

grey wednesday and leave out all the rest |:

kenapa Rabu Kelabu ?
because deepest in my heart , i'm feeling nothing .
so sad , like nobody cares .

but , my Facebook friends many give me spirit support.
gosh ! i'm so happy because in the reality i've people who care with me .

especially thanks to : ka Diyan Setiawan and Anto .

then , what happen to me ?
i really dunno , which i know is i'm very tired confused alone .
i need someone who understand me , HIM .
tapi dia juga gak nemenin .
pity me . :(

i want being like this , big hug and happy .

should to do : leave out all the rest , i hope i can .

1 comment:

Edda said...

Masih ada kaka dsni dde :)